1950 – 1980 Views Of The World I Was Born Into

Fear and film were the most effective tools in the hands of the  Military-Industrial Complex we came to know and love as The Masters Of War.  Propaganda films and presentations such as those I have posted here animated the post-WWII world in which I once lived.  Most of the links are to videos available on You Tube and the run time is noted.

Clicking on any site on the interactive map returns in-depth information on that site, including related photo galleries (if available), current activity, and in some cases, such as Site #14, re-purposing notes.  Site #42 on the map is the installation at Stephenville, Newfoundland near to Harmon AFB which in 1950 was home to me.

About the Pinetree Line:

The Original Slides From The Defence Museum Web Site

Interactive Pinetree Line Map

About the DEW Line:

The Homeless One — 17:50

Window On Canada — 29:21

Atomic Alert (Elementary Version) — 10:32

If The Bomb Falls — 12:28

Operation Lifesaver — 14:27

DEW Line Story — 40:00

The DEW Line (Bonus Edition) — 30:18

Aleutian Skywatch 1961 Documentary — 27:27

Distant Early Warning Radar — 13:30

The Story Of The BMEWS Missle And Bomber Radar System — 13:32

How To Protect Yourself From Nuclear Fallout — 14:27

Atomic Attack — 50:06

DEW Line 1957 Documentary — 55:32

The Big Picture – NORAD — 27:13

Distant Early Warning Radar — 27:18

James Stewart’s Ballistic Missile Early Warning System — 26:27

Arctic Mission — 20:01

DEW Line Training Facility — 2:15

Protect & Survive 1970s UK — 51:15