1943 – Kahili

Leo Carter’s first strikes were against the Japanese-held Kahili Airfield and targets of opportunity.


On 22 October, 43 Kahili Airfield and surrounding areas are pounded by 22 B-24’s, 30 plus P-39’s and P-40’s and about 160 Navy fighters and dive bombers. 18 B-24’s and Navy airplanes hit targets in the Choiseul I area.  Other Navy aircraft hit Kara Airfield.  And a single B-24 claims hits on a carrier NW of Buka.

On 24 October 43, 13th AF, Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), and 36 U.S. Navy (USN) B-25’s, along with 24 RNZAF P-40’s and 4 USN F4U’s, in one force and 20 AFF fighter and 70+ USN fighters and dive bombers in another force, pound Kahili Airfield.

On 26 October 43, Kahili Airfield is hit twice during the day by B-24’s, B-25’s, P-38’s, P-40’s, P-39’s of the 5th BG (H), and USN fighters and dive bombers.