The Signal

A geo-locator of the past

The guidon of the (Confederate) 20th Texas Infantry GuidonRegiment (1862 – 1865) in which my maternal 3rd GGF W. M. Vick was serving when all were taken prisoner upon the unit’s surrender on May 26, 1865.

Originally destined for Virginia, the regiment was reassigned to the Trans-Mississippi Department of the CSA and served only in Texas, where it performed coastal and border guard duty from Galveston to the lower reaches of the Sabine River. Regimental action was chiefly a matter of skirmishes and the only notable engagements were the Battle of the Sabine Pass and the two Battles of Galveston.

Although based on the CSA “Stars and Bars” national flag, it differs in that the slogan “Our Homes and Our Rights” was added to the canton and the field was decorated with embroidered text and ornamental scrolling.