Who’s The Texian?

12thDad4I am.

My name is Stuart and I have lived, worked, or had a memorable experiences in over three hundred towns and cities on five continents.  I like to share the stories of my life, family history, and perspective with friends and family.

Some stories come from my nomadic life as an Air Force brat and some from my equally, if not more, nomadic adult life

I also sometimes wax political and am not shy about sharing my views, which in general come from somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun.

In my pages you will find tales and commentary with clickable expansions and embedded images, all accessible by the drop-down menu of Texian Tales.  Most of the stories are true, but for a bit of fun, read 18 Men And A Cannon, which is a fictionalized recounting of my Davis ancestors’ nd their friends’ part in the birth of the Republic of Texas.