1943 – 1944 Notes On 13th USAAF Action & MACRs

I have extracted from official records information for the 13th USAAF as a whole and only for the dates of Leo Carter’s strikes.  Actions he and his squadron – the 23rd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) – took part in are listed in the summaries, as well as the actions of others.

The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) count for each day is also for the 13th USAAF as a whole.  There are three MACRs for B-24 Liberator Bombers in the groups which took part in those same strikes , but any number of other aircraft types may have gone missing.  Two are listed as missing on 4 December 44 and 3 June 44 by the 5th Bombardment Group (Heavy) but from unknown squadrons.

The third MACR, is for a crew likely to be known to him.  An aircraft in his August 1943 Ferry Group, which had been assigned to the 307th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), was lost on 24 April 1944.