I, Introduction

In  1993, I spent three days touring Auschwitz-Birkenau and took nearly 300 photographs.  When I returned, I journalized the trip in what was then a novel way – I embedded HTML links in the text which connected to related photographs.  most are in black & white for period effect.

When I finished, I sent it to the then nascent Cybrary of the Holocaust (now Remember.org) and they published it.

Immediately it was published I started hearing from survivors, liberators, witnesses, the curious, better photographers (Alan Jacobs, for one) and, of course, the naysayers.  In the mix on the one hand, for example, a Jewish man in California thanked me by e-mail for having answered the question he could never bring himself to ask – what had  his family and their friends gone through.  On the other hand, I got an e-mail from Denier-In-Chief Greg Raven, the then de facto leader of the revisionist Institute for Historical Review who complimented me for the way I write, but thought it sad I had should squander my talent by buying into the Holocaust fantasy.

Bu the story has legs and has been picked up by JewishLinks.net and and the Narrative Psychology group at narrativepsych,com.  It has also been included in study/research guides at high schools, the University of South Florida and  Yad Vashem and even a couple of Jewish heritage travel groups.

Note:  Images are from my collection and not all were published.