1944 – 5th BG (H)

The men of the 5th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Special Service Office published the “5th Group Poop” weekly using designated contributors within each of its four units –  the 23rd, 31st, 72nd, and 394th Bombardment Squadrons (Heavy) – and a quasi-Vargas Girl created by the Group Poop Art Director T/Sgt Auer graced each cover.

Vol. 1, No. 4 – 19 FEB 44


Vol. 1, No. 5, –  26 FEB 44


T/Sgt. Auer’s work was well-received and inspired an unidentified poet of note within the 23rd BS (H) to opine in rhyme:

We like the dames that Auer draws,
We think they’re simply swell,
We rate them all first-class because,
They’ll never kiss and tell.


An op-ed piece lamenting the effect of 13th USAAF Regulation 35-11 of 30 JAN 44 on the morale of 5th BG (H) enlisted men recommended for performance-based promotion at least once.


Happenings on the Home Front.UseThis00719b

Announcement of an innovative method for handling “The Rehabilitation of Returnees From Oversea”.  Issues of rehabilitation, redistribution, reassignment, and hospitalization of (Army) Air Force personnel are covered.  Note the mention of “war fatigue”, which we would today call PTSD.


Enlisted men are urged to take advantage of the correspondence school courses made available by the Army Institute extension program.


A library, chess, softball, Spanish language lessons, personal pokes, and progress in constructing a practice tent for musicians.


Great progress is made on the library, Spanish language interest is high, the status of a chess tournament is presented, and a professional baseball player turned USAAF Navigator is to coach the Group softball team.


Buzz about sports and the military status of some sports celebrities, but the cartoon is deeply revealing.  Having rotated stateside, fatigue trumps libido.